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At Woods Poodle Puppies Sale, we take great pride in our dogs and puppies. They are given the best care and socialization possible in order for them to develop into outstanding and productive members of the Toy and Standard Poodle Puppies canine community. 

At Woods Poodle Puppies Sale, we only feed our dogs A+ rated dog food kibbles. We recommend Dick Van Patton’s Natural Balance dog food products. Please refer to the icon of “dog food rating” to see how the different brands stack up. Our Miniature and Toy Poodle Puppies have fresh water available to them at all times. Their diet is also supplemented with additional supplements and vitamins depending on what stage in their life they are in. It is in our best interest as well as our new “Wiggle-butt family” for their new dog or puppy to have the best diet available. The balance of a strong nutritional diet builds the strong bone, muscles, teeth, a good mentality, and a lustrous shiny coat that every dog should have. 

At Woods Poodle Puppies Sale, our dogs are on a dedicated vaccination program along with a heartworm and regular deworming. Our local veterinarian is working very closely with our program to help us stay up to date on vaccines and new disease threats that may arise in order for us to insure that our canines have the utmost protection.

At Woods Poodle Puppies Sale, we take all of our puppies and dogs to a certified veterinarian ophthalmologist and have their eye certified to be free of any genetic defects. All of our dogs are also certified with OFA good hip integrity. Since Poodle Puppies have a genetic background with some hip dysplasia, it is imperative that they are examined and x-rayed for this condition. An early estimate of a dog’s hip soundness is invaluable, whether the dog’s intended purpose is for breeding, for working, for agility, or as the family pet. At Woods Poodle Puppies Sale we make sure all necessary testing is done to provide the new owner with the security and peace of mind that their purchase is sound investment.

At Woods Poodle Puppies Sale, we diligently search to find the correct breeding for our males to our females for them to produce outstanding puppies with quality characteristics that enhance and improve the breed. Each dog must pass uncompromising criteria for confirmation, structure, temperament, and have the mindset to be intelligent, willing, and responsive companions. We strive to find the best crosses available to produce the quality dogs and puppies our customers are looking for. The pedigree of each canine is studied extensively before it is mated, so that there are no “skeletons in the closet” that appear later in the breeding program. The temperament of our canines is that of willingness to work hard, play hard, and love their master unconditionally.

At Woods Poodle Puppies Sale, each puppy is lovingly socialized. We do not play favoritism. A “pet” quality puppy is just as important as a “Shining Star show” puppy. Our kennel is comfortable, stress-free, safe environment where the puppies play and roam about freely in their puppy pen. The adult dogs have their “own” homes and have plenty of room to exercise in their “outdoor” playpens. Our dogs flourish in, and enjoy their surroundings. We clean and sanitize our kennel on a daily basis. We work with the youngsters to begin litter box training and then work with graduating them to “potty” outside. This way when the puppies move to their “wiggle-butt” family homes they already have a sense of what housebreaking is.  

   “Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies.”


The health of your puppy is our number one priority. To ensure your puppy arrives home happy and healthy we not only require comprehensive health evaluations.


We have a very good rate at delivery and we keep to our time on the your Flight itienerary and you get a call upon arrival to let you their arrive successffully.


    All our puppies are up to date on shots and vaccines and come with all papers to prove and they are trained to live with kids and other pets 


     We have no bad records and we wish to        keep it that way so please be sure you want to      purchase before you proceed further more